Interactive Radiography Courtroom Presentation

A team project with Matan Berson for a Medical Legal Visualization class.


  • Desktop and iOS


  • General public (jury members)

Project Goals

  • To aid lawyers in presenting radiographic data to juries
  • Display 2D data in the form of a 3D model
  • Create an easy to use interface with logical information flow
  • Create a 3D printed bone for display to the jury

My role in the project

I was tasked with creating the 3D assests and assisting in the wireframing, UX design, and programming. To accomplish my tasks I used a combination of 3D Slicer, ZBrush, Adobe Illustrator, and Unity3D.

3D Slicer

  • Used CT data provided to create a 3D model of the bone.
  • The process I used can be seen in the Data Driven Models section of my website.


  • Cleaned up the CT model to smooth stair stepping and remove artifacts.
  • Polypainted textures.
  • Generated UV, texture, and normal maps for Unity3D.
  • Optimized model for running in Unity 3D.
  • Designed a model optimized for  3D printing.


  • Assisted in designing wireframes and UX / UI.

Unity 3D

  • Assisted in programming and layout of interface.
  • Learned how to create a cross section using a clipping plane attached to a stationary camera.
  • Explored the animation system in Unity to sync a clipping plane moving with slider running through CT images.
Raw model from 3D Slicer

Raw model from 3D Slicer